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Dedicated to the

preservation of the 

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

and pre-1930

vintage motor cars

Catalog of Parts 

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We are introducing our updated catalog as it becomes available.    

Vintage & Auto Rebuilds offers the most extensive line of parts, both original and reproduction, for the restoration and maintenance of your Silver Ghost.  With an inventory of both original and reproduction parts, combined with over 1,200 casting patterns, jigs and drawings, we can supply nearly any part for any Silver Ghost.

VAR has not attempted to reinvent Rolls-Royce part numbering.  The original numbers are used where ever possible.  We have created part numbers however where Rolls-Royce part numbers do not exist or if slight modifications have been needed for safety or functionality.

Other pre-1930 motor cars are always welcome.  Call us about your special project!.

Please note:  Due to fluctuating materials costs, prices may change without notice

1914 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost 18PB

Driven by James Radley, 18PB was the winner of the 1914 Alpine Trials.  Now residing in Chardon OH.